Human Rights Watch (sic) War Propaganda

Posted: February 1, 2014 in -
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Already caught lying about who was behind the gas attacks in August, “Human Rights Watch” (sic) continues to push lies in order to get the West to attack Syria on bogus “humanitarian” grounds.  The Syrian war itself is primarily a product of the West’s covert support and the dirty work of its Arab partners: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  HRW has no problem with Western governments covertly supporting the atrocity heavy rebels and their fanatical Jihad to install Sharia Law in Syria.  Such covert support to terrorists and other rebels is technically a breach of the UN Charter, using war as a tool of foreign policy, and should be cause for sanction in the Security Council.  Human Rights Watch (sic), a Washington based NGO, has no interest in calling attention to the West’s culpability and criminal actions in this or any other conflict.  It is a fraud.

Syria: ‘Human Rights Watch’, Key Player in the Manufacture of Propaganda for War and Foreign Intervention


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