Rush (2013)

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Joe Giambrone
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This is the trueish remarkable story of two grand prix race drivers.  John Hunt and Niki Lauda were entwined in an epic rivalry to win the 1976 world championships.

The story concerns competition, the good, the bad, the obsessive compulsive, the irrational.  Hunt and Lauda push each other further and further to succeed despite the risks.  In this case the risks factor in when driving conditions are poor due to rain.  The competition to win means they’ll need to risk their lives in conditions that maybe should be considered unacceptable.

Chris Hemsworth, without the shiny armor and hammer, retains his charismatic persona.  His playboy recklessness brings many laughs to keep the story light.  The two joust verbally throughout the film.

One problem that intrudes is that tendency to throw in all sorts of expository dialogue.  They keep explaining what would be unnecessary for the characters to hear, and it’s obvious.  It’s also pretty much expected these days, as in Josh Olson’s rant about Drive.

Still, the recreation of 1970s grand prix formula one racing is impressive and beautifully shot.  The stakes are high and nuanced.  There are plenty of worse choices out there.



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