Thanks for Sharing (2013)

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Joe Giambrone
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I rent a lot of indie attempts.  This one takes on sex addiction, and it looked like it might have enough laughs to sustain it.  The trailer seemed tepid and slow, but I gave it a shot anyway.

It is definitely slow paced and lacking action.  Talk is the driving factor, and this does grate.  The opening is not going to appeal to generation ADHD.


Good news is that it gets more interesting with the arrival of Pink and a couple complications.  More serious, with higher stakes, the story still meanders a bit, but at least it’s not a crawl.

This is a story for older people, and the actors involved are aging noticeably.  Tim Robbins has gone full grey, and Mark Ruffalo shows his wear and tear.

The writer/director is a first-timer.  He’s not such a visual wizard, but simply shoots the drama of the script.  It’s a passable film, but you might find better picks elsewhere.



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