Cult Classic: Kurt and Courtney (1997)

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Joe Giambrone
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In my last Musical Sunday collection I included a song, “Hey Man Nice Shot” that I don’t believe actually reflects reality.  So, to set the record straight, or perhaps to muddy the waters further, I need to talk about Kurt and Courtney.

This is not a biopic.  This is not a fan film.  This is an accusation of murder.


Courtney Love hired a private detective to find out why Kurt was missing, and she chose Tom Grant from the phone book.

Tom Grant is convinced that Cobain was murdered.  This documentary names the murderer.*  It was in all likelihood a conspiracy, and the motive was a big pile of money.  The world, however, tells a different story about Cobain, the story that was far easier to believe.


This brave documentary opened my eyes as to what the medium could do.  It could dig harder and challenge the whole world’s beliefs.  Pretty strong stuff, and the full film is available streaming free now on Snag.


Here’s the trailer:

* The film version on Snag Films appears to have cut the revelation of the identity of the alleged murderer.  This information comes from El Duce, Eldon Hoke, who mentions, “Alan” and stops short there.  El Duce winds up hit by a train the following week.


There is an alleged “Hoax” which Tom Grant disputes concerning a character named “Allen Wrench,” who claims to have been the killer.  Wrench has some crime scene details wrong.  However, there is a possibility that this Allen may be involved somehow, but not the actual trigger man.  The naming by Eldon Hoke, who just happened to not notice an oncoming train shortly afterward, suggests foul play.

This is Tom Grant’s take.


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