Odessa Provocateurs: More Evidence

Posted: May 7, 2014 in -
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Provocateurs are undercover agents who initiate violence to blame it on a particular group.   In this case the provocateurs appear to be working directly for the  Ukrainian police, but are dressed to appear like “pro-Russian” protesters.

These provocateurs shot bullets at a pro-Kiev football crowd, and this led to the complete anarchy and mass murder at the union hall.

Ukraine: Massacre in Odessa – So-Called Pro-Russian Masked Gunmen Coordinated by Local Police




 One of the identified coordinators was deputy chief of the Odessa Interior ministry branch Colonel Dmitry Fucheji.”






 Original at Oriental Review.

Also see: Odessa Provocateurs: Censored News

Russian news coverage:



  1. 08oo says:

    New Gleiwitz in Ukraine planned? Please re-distribute – Ukrainan SUB Secret service brought 200 Russian uniforms and 70 Russian Army identity cards from Kiew to Donezk. They want to provide and film a “Russian border attack” for the media.
    Source: http://news.dkp.de/2014/05/ukraine-lage-am-dienstag-8-mai-2014/

  2. […] Odessa Provocateurs: More Evidence […]

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