The Stench of Naziism

Posted: May 7, 2014 in -
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Ukraine Nazis honor German SS in ceremony.


Victoria Nulan’s favorite Nazi, Oleh Tyahnybok is mentioned.



These people are still fighting WW2 in Ukraine, and the USA just entered on the side of Adolf Hitler.  As they say, “You can’t write this shit.”  It’s too absurd, couched in a Big Lie, and now reaching genocidal proportions.  The Odessa mass killing spree was accompanied by hate speech on Twitter and elsewhere about extermination and comparing Russian speakers to insects.  This is the most disturbing can of worms the US has opened in a long time, and even Israel had to take pause and reject further escalation, which would help empower these neo-nazi maniacs even further.


  1. 08oo says:

    oh sorry – I forgot the ending:
    .. and in the war on “soviet client states” they are using the NAZIs – in Croatia, in Bosnia, in Ukraine

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