Odessa Provocateurs Corroboration: False Flag May2

Posted: May 11, 2014 in -
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Odessa Interior ministry branch Colonel Dmitry Fucheji

2014 Odessa Massacre was caused by a provocation


Published on May 9, 2014

Russian TV presenter Pavel Pchelkin special report on the tragedy in Odessa that occured on May 2, 2014:
“There are lots of photos and videos of what was going on in the city on Friday and there lots of details attracting special attention. Information to consider is quite enough for full investingation.
At the very height of punitive action in the country, when tension in Russian-speaking Odessa reached the top level, in the city there was football match. “Metallist” from Kharkov was playing against “Chernomorets” Odessa. Several thousands ultras of both teams came to the city. These fans are nationalists, proponents of Maidan and they get a permission to march along the streets of Odessa in support of “united Ukraine”. They gathered here near Sobornaya Square. Meanwhile from Alexandrovsky Avenue towards them there moved a group of well-equiped yuong men armed with batons and reinforcement. Many of these wear “St.George ribbons” but the main distinctive feature – all of them have a mark made of red scotch on the sleeve…




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