Divergent (2014)

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Joe Giambrone
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Finally got to this, eager to see what they’re feeding the youth these days. It’s no Hunger Games, despite obvious attempts to imitate. The girl, Tris’ family ties were so weak and tacked-on that whatever emotion the film attempted to elicit just never materialized. Then it fell into a paint by numbers rote, and I really felt like I’d seen it before in other guises.

Divergent has a few good ideas going for it. However, it felt confined, stifling and too long with most of the action taking place at this dilapidated training camp type operation. It didn’t mix up the scenery enough, nor the storyline, and it became predictable and too familiar.

When the ending rolled around it made glaring moral miscues that seem to be a plague of this rancid place and age – heroes who torture people. If you need to be told that heroes don’t torture people, there isn’t much point talking at all. It grates on my bones that American writers are so oblivious to what they’re selling. Or perhaps they’re closet sadists? They torture small animals in their spare hours? What the fuck is wrong with this culture?

In a seemingly anti-fascist narrative, the affinity for fascist methodologies and attitudes really does leave one wondering.



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