CNN Imbecile v. RT Guy, Propaganda & Obfuscation

Posted: July 26, 2014 in -
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Wow, CNN has gotten pathetic with its glaring propaganda in place of news. This mook attempts to make much out of the debris field, in the war zone under government attack, and blame that on Putin too.


Well the evidence, that the RT voice never gets to elaborate on, being shouted down the whole time (duh), is that it all points to the Kiev Nazi thug government deliberately shooting down the plane. CNN clown phrases this as an either or, with the rebels making a mistake, or the rebels making a deliberate “act of terrorism.” But in CNN universe it’s not possible the Nazi coup regime could have shot it down, despite them having more than two dozen of the BUK missile systems, and them being reported in the east on the day in question.

Chris Cuomo, like most corporate shill fucktards, is no journalist at all.

That entire block of time was wasted on gibberish rather than addressing known evidence of the incident, the lies exposed by Russia all week, and the hiding of air traffic control communications and US spy satellite data. Using blatant, repeated, calls for emotionalism over the victims, this Goebbels light moron exposes himself as unworthy of anyone’s attention, if they actually care to know what happened.


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