Sign the Petition: Grand Jury Reform

Posted: December 11, 2014 in -
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Dear Members of Congress: Support Rep. Hank Johnson’s “Grand Jury Reform Act,” which would require a special prosecutor in cases of police killings, in places where law enforcement receives federal funding. Please co-sponsor this critical legislation today.

  1. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    As we have seen in Ferguson and New York, the grand jury process is a kind of kangaroo court that has no place in a so-called democracy.

  2. Damon says:

    I think courts of the PEOPLE have a much better chance than begging (petitioning) the mafia to clean up the mafia.

  3. Editor says:

    Not exactly. The federal government can take actions to pressure corrupt local police forces into better complying with the law. Learn your history.

  4. auntyuta says:

    . . . a special prosecutor in cases of police killings, . . .
    I think a properly unbiased jury is what is needed. Can it be achieved? I hope so. This would really be good for equal rights and democracy!
    I don’t understand why on earth police cannot be trained to avoid shooting that kills.

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