Omar (2013)

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Joe Giambrone
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This Palestinian film, from the makers of Paradise Now, is well done and emotional. It shows the barbarism and the psychological stress of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Very little comes out of Palestine, and these are refreshing for their portrayals of the ongoing conflict from the Palestinian side. While Israel’s penetration into media is an over-representation, the Palestinians are severely under-represented, and this contributes to western ignorance over the situation there.

The plot veers a bit into the implausible a couple of times. For this reason I prefer the previous film, Paradise Now, for its brutal honesty and gripping tension.paradise-now

Omar incorporates a love story, two lovers separated by the massive apartheid wall, which Omar must repeatedly climb in order to see Nadia. Each time he does so, he is exposed to potential sniper fire. Each visit could be a deadly sacrifice.

The Palestinian resistance fighters are inept tactically, and strategically. They are outgunned and outsmarted by their Israeli occupiers. Played against one another, divided and conquered, it is a hopeless situation on the wrong side of the wall. It tears apart alliances, and the lives of those who resist are shattered.

It’s a good film, maybe not great, but there is plenty to think about.

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