Google Doing Evil: Attacking Independent Media

Posted: March 30, 2015 in -
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After the advertising scandal on we see more evidence that Google is directly attacking WeAreChange.

“They said it’s sensitive content.”
-Luke R.

How Google Adsense Is Censoring WeAreChange and Independent Media

  1. tiffany267 says:

    Sorry but I can’t feel sorry for whoever this person is. There is no coherent ethical position to be dealing with Google at all. This person is using YouTube, owned by Google, for revenue. I have no sympathy for this man who is only helping perpetuate Google’s success.

    I deliberately ask WordPress to hide my blog from search engines. Of course, I cannot change WordPress’s policy of using Google Ads, but I make the most appropriate principled choice that is available to me as a WordPress blogger.

    This person is DELIBERATELY using Google’s platform for revenue, then whining because Google is evil. Google has been evil all along. Everyone who knows anything about Google has always known this. There is no reason for anyone who cares about individual rights to have any dealings with this appalling company.

    It’s a bit like the people worshiping Edward Snowden. Snowden participated in the military and the surveillance state. He is not a hero. Snowden is just less of a villain because he finally came clean, the same thing every single bureaucrat, soldier, and politician should be doing.

  2. Editor says:

    Google provides a top notch search engine for people to use, for free. That’s not evil. Not everything they do is evil. Your position is just rejectionist.

    What they are doing now is playing games with access to information, the opposite of what they were doing, which was treating all information equally, leaving it up to the users to decide.

    Edward Snowden is a hero, someone who sacrificed himself for others. If you can’t see that, it’s your own blinders. Not everything the government does is evil either. Snowden may have been deluded about what he was getting into, but upon seeing the big picture did the right thing. Defense is a morally supportable activity.

  3. tiffany267 says:

    Thanks for your response – I wonder if in your reply you are fully aware of the history of Google and its relationship to the fascist federal government of the U.S.

    I have some links for you, which your spam blocker may or may not prevent from seeing the light of day:

    Yes, everything they do is evil. Google only exists because of stolen funds, and it quite eagerly collaborates with the military industrial complex. In fact, the surveillance state you claim that Snowen is such a hero about would not exist without Google’s assistance, as you will discover in the first link provided.

    Yes, my position is rejectionist. There is no grey area in accepting or rejecting the violation of individual rights.

    I could care less about businesses making decisions about what they support and what they don’t. It’s up to shareholders to decide if those decisions are in line with the values they had when they made their investments. I personally would not invest in Google nor work for them if a gun were placed to my head, because it’s wrong. If a person does decide to partner with them for financial gain, they should accept that they are joining the side of technocrats who have literally helped the DoD and the NSA since the 1990s and who have no interest in promoting anti-war activism. It would be like a gay person deciding to apply to work at Chick-Fil-A knowing that their efforts are actively helping encourage homophobia and anti-gay activism then only being upset when someone discriminates against them personally. It’s hypocrisy, and it should be called out. I will never be silent about the apathy surrounding Google’s horrifying control over information and its collaboration with tyrants.

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