Visual Style: Cinematographers on Cinematography – Part 2

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W(A/O)NDERING Filmmaking

The images and quotes found in this post have been selected from a collection of documents on Directors of Photography compiled by cinematographer Stephen Murphy. You can access the documents from his website (here) and sample some of his work (here).

We continue our exploration of one of the pillar the “Trinity of Visual Style”, Cinematography. The choice of formats, framing, lighting, lenses, filters, colors and motion are some of the key elements falling under the Cinematographers responsibilities.

In the first part we explored what it means to be a director of photography, collaborations, formats, framing and movement.

In this second part we explore lighting (and smoke) through quotes from cinematographers Jordan CronenwethJohn ShwartzmanStephen H. BurumJeffrey KimballJohn TollDarius KhondjiHarris SavidesAdrian BiddleDouglas SlocombeDariusz WolskiPaul Cameron and Janusz Kaminski.

“A cinematographer is…

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