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I never analyzed this scene in such depth, counting shots and all. It is my favorite film though. I think the announcer guy reads into it in one place that is unwarranted.


Al Nusrah Front: Right for Ameirca? Right for Liberty?
Right wing psychopaths should be deported to Syria.

Insane neocons? Is there any other kind?
Neocons Urge Embrace of Al Qaeda

While these treasonous scum are the ilk that allowed 9/11 to occur, just to benefit globally and double the military budget, they are now openly reversing course and trying to sell Al Qaeda as an acceptable alternative to ISIS.

Orwell chortles.


In one of the greatest betrayals of public health in the country’s history, the EPA has stalled for years to study the effects of the herbicide. Roundup is in wide use and polluting the environment and its inhabitants across the country, with next to zero oversight.  It’s the corruption, stupid.

After 8 Years of Delay, EPA Finally Agrees to Test Dangers of Monsanto’s Favorite Pesticide

“With more than 300 million pounds of this stuff being dumped on our landscape each year, it’s hard to even fathom the damage it’s doing.”

NPR Celebrates Fast-Track Victory With an All-Corporate Lobbyist Segment

Computer troubles

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I would post more, but Windows is the most incompetent program the world has ever seen.

The Problem with Female Superheroes

Jill Stein

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So tell me more…

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about that global warming hoax…


And I promise not to knock your teeth out.

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