Screen vs. Narrative Writing

Posted: August 30, 2015 in -
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J. Giambrone

gunviolence (1)

Yesterday I had a minor epiphany for yet another short film. I bang these out constantly. It’s good to have a variety and wealth of material to draw from, in order to find the best ones, should the opportunity arise to actually film one.

This short film (below) is a bit more grandiose and overpopulated than I can handle right now. But after next year’s Sundial Festival (which I’m entering to win), who knows? It’s a black comedy, a satire.

Anyway, I got to thinking why this idea is ONLY useful as an onscreen experience, and certainly wouldn’t work as a short story. It is completely reliant upon the style of the editing, the music, camera flow and visual cliches. This story is not about a character, but is a metaphor about a particular situation that you’ll recognize (hopefully) as it all comes together.

The strengths of screenwriting are not…

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