Syria, Idiocy, Propaganda & the Joy of Rebranding

Posted: October 14, 2015 in -
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The new Pepsi Free Terrorists are smiling and posing in their bathing suits, because Syria is a happy place with US values and rock and roll, baby…

National Propaganda Radio (NPR) says:

Rebel groups that oppose both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and terrorist group ISIS have formed a new coalition, called the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Pop Quiz!

Who is missing from that statement?

No cheating.

Pencils down.

“Both” Assad and ISIS. Hmm. For the last four years we’ve heard about a lot of people with bombs and guns in Syria. There’s Jabat Al Nusrah, Al Qaeda in Syria, Free Syrian Army, Anjad Al Sham, Sham Legion, Army of Mujahadeen, Jabhat Ansar al Din, Authenticity and Development Front, and others not listed at Wikipedia.

So any Al Qaeda / Al Nusrah terrorist who claims to oppose ISIS can sign up for anti-tank TOW missiles and air drops of crates of M-16s and whatever. This is how the illegal war has gone so far, and this is how it will continue. Only now we have a new brand to discredit:

“Syrian Democratic Forces”


Mr. Obama:

What’s so “democratic” about them, besides your new name?

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