Typical Day, Global Reach

Posted: October 26, 2015 in -
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My people, my people–you guys come from all over the world. Sundays are a bit slow, but look at the list of countries…


I got Finland people, Croatia, Germany, Pakistan, UK…

Not sure who they all are, since so few actually post any comments, but I’m here, baby.

You know my novels should be available globally as well.


(A Science Fiction Thriller)


(A Supernatural Satire)

  1. James McEnteer says:

    Hey! I don’t see Ecuador on your list and that’s where I’m connecting from. How about a shout out?

  2. James McEnteer says:

    Or was that list just from yesterday. I’m an occasional visitor from Ecuador, not a daily one. Love the site though…

  3. Editor says:

    Today has Ecuador.

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