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A month before the alleged genocide in Srebrenica, he told me that the town would be headline news around the world and ordered us to call the media.

Confession of a CIA Agent:
They gave us millions to dismember Yugoslavia


Who were the terrorists in question and why were they supposed to carry out these attacks?

They gave us files about a group called “Supreme Serbia” detailing plans to conduct a series of bomb attacks on key buildings in Sarajevo in opposition to Bosnia’s ambition to leave former Yugoslavia.

Did that group ever exist and what exactly you were doing in Sarajevo under CIA command?

No such group ever existed! Our headquarters lied to us. Our mission was to alarm and spread panic among politicians in Bosnia, simply to fill their heads with the idea that Serbs would attack. To begin with, we accepted the story, but after a while we started to wonder. Why were we raising such hysteria when the group clearly did not exist?

… Of course, no one turns down a CIA mission, especially when we were all nervous and prone to paranoia! Many CIA agents and senior officers disappeared simple because they refused to conduct propaganda against the Serbs in Yugoslavia.




Paris Attacks: Western Intelligence’s
Vision Blinded by Allah? 
“Allah blinded their vision and I was able to leave and come to Shām despite being chased after by so many intelligence agencies. All this proves that a Muslim should not fear the bloated image of the crusader intelligence. My name and picture were all over the news yet I was able to stay in their homeland, plan operations against them, and leave safely when doing so became necessary.”[19]



“It’s not to save the world for democracy, or for king and country. No. Bullshit. It’s for the profit of the top ten percent.”

Thank you, Donald Sutherland.


“Blind faith in their leaders, as Bruce Springsteen said, will get you dead.”




People, they think you’re ignorant and stupid. Well, not on my watch. You may be stupid, but you’re not going to remain ignorant here at this blog.

For years, NATO has granted impunity to convoys packed with supplies bound for ISIS and Al Qaeda. Russian airstrikes have stopped them dead in their tracks.

NATO’s Terror Convoys Halted at Syrian Border




Hollande flew to Moscow to partner with Russia in actually fighting against ISIS, rather than pretending to (Obama).

This puts France on the other side of the proxy terror war. We live in interesting times.


“Jointly Combating International Terrorism”: François Hollande in Moscow with Vladimir Putin


Regarding further action on our part, it is necessary to attack ISIS, its training centres, the centres where this terrorist army is being trained, but most importantly, attack its sources of financing, the sources of its livelihood – primarily oil.
-President of France



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The terror mastermind Erdogan is prosecuting the editors of the largest opposition newspaper for blowing the lid off Turkish intelligence MIT caught shipping weapons to Syrian terrorists.


Turkish weapons ‘heading to end in ISIS hands’: RT speaks to Cumhuriyet journalists


Israel Trying to Censor Youtube

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Israel To Coordinate With Google, YouTube, To Censor Palestinian Videos Of Conflict


If they weren’t fascistic and scummy enough already…


Israel held meetings with representatives of YouTube and Google to find ways of cooperating to censor Palestinian videos.


J. Giambrone


C4 won the Academy Award for best documentary, which was a welcome bit of relief and helps to get the word out to many millions more people. It is, however, just art in the face of a rising totalitarian regime, one that remains in power and operating pretty much as before.

I liked that Snowden clearly lays out the case that this is a Constitutional violation, the end of liberty, and it is accelerating rapidly. None are safe, not Congress people, not Supreme Court judges, not human rights lawyers, not business leaders, and most certainly not any regular citizens reading this review. The public has failed to comprehend the massive scale and the visceral danger to themselves and to the society as a whole. STASI Germany was not a fun place. America today has far more sophisticated surveillance of its people than the East Germans could ever imagine.

NSA Director

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It occurs to me that this blog has posted more actual, real news about the most important stories affecting global security, than almost any MSM media outfit based in the United States. It’s a world of censorship and propaganda, people.


Putin and Hollande go after Erdogan’s racket

How come the US-led ‘Coalition of Dodgy Opportunists’ (CDO), in over a year, never – and the operative word is never – bombed any of the wheels in the Syrian stolen oil machine?

And how come no one among the CDO – Americans especially – did anything to prevent ‘Mini Me’ and others from actually funding the Daesh racket for so long?



If you thought the insane proxy terror war in Syria couldn’t get any more sick, twisted and dehumanized…


The Drug Fueling Conflict In Syria




A very interesting take from a US Air Force intelligence officer claims that it is to provoke the Russians into revealing their new stealth technology radar jammer…


Why did Turkey shoot down a Russian Air Force jet?


The technology effectively blinded both the US and Israel. None of the radars worked and most, if not all, satellite coverage was lost or compromised as well. But there’s more.


No published source to corroborate any of this.

The more obvious reason is to simply scare the Russians away from the border region so that Turkey’s proxy terrorists can flourish and keep shipping arms and oil. They long for a NATO enforced “no fly zone” of terror.




Way more backbone than most American “journalists.”

Turkish newspaper editor in court for ‘espionage’ after revealing weapon convoy to Syrian militants

“We came here to defend the right of the public to obtain the news and their right to know if their government is feeding them lies. We came here to show and to prove that governments cannot engage in illegal activity and defend this,” Dündar was cited by Today’s Zaman.

The articles, published on Cumhuriyet’s front page in May, claimed that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) is smuggling weapons in trucks into Syria and was caught doing so twice in 2014.