American Horror Story: Freak Show – My Review

Posted: November 8, 2015 in -

J. Giambrone


The freaks will inherit the earth.

American Horror Story has been a sometimes shocking, sometimes silly experiment in television. This high-budget Showtime original uses a full season arc for each scenario. With that specification, it feels like a multi-pov novel with chapters dedicated to various characters. The characters are explored with more depth than many other formats, and the series has attracted outstanding actors and even its fair share of actual freaks.


Progressing past horror series like Tales From the Crypt, with its half-hour format, and even The Twilight Zone, Showtime has championed a full-season framing. This was the True Blood format as well, and it is a very compelling length. It’s not open-ended, so that we have no sense of progress or climax, and it’s not so short sighted to rush events so that they play out in one or two episodes. It feels like a natural…

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