Black Mass – My Review

Posted: November 15, 2015 in -

J. Giambrone


Serious crime dramas at this level just stand out so far above the typical tripe on television and at the lower budgets. There’s an authenticity that comes with all that research and attention.

The story takes the rise of a scumbag mass murdering gangster and infuses it with the corruption inside of the FBI. As the complications pile on the story keeps charging forward with an ever present tension in the air.


Bulger, and his Irish gang, managed to carve out a crime niche because the FBI was obsessed with the Italian mafia. Bulger became a “top echelon informant,” which is someone who gets away with murder because he’s protected. Short sighted FBI bureaucrats play divide and conquer, but they also open up opportunities for their favored crime rivals to succeed. This seems to be the case in Mexico cartel land today.

Depp was cold and vicious. The supporting cast…

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