White European Lives Matter, Apparently

Posted: November 16, 2015 in -
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Bodies of innocent civilians, many children, killed in 2013 Sarin attack perpetrated by US ally Turkey with Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusrah Front. Lies continue about this mass murder to this day, and the US continues to support Al Nusrah terrorists inside Syria.

I’ve been resisting all day, but the non-stop gushing and outpouring for these top-shelf, special victims just pops out as so distinct from the social media responses of these very same people toward all those other victims.

Or should I have said non-responses?

As with the Charlie Hebdo attack, also in Paris, the whole world stops when a terrorist attack strikes white westerners. This is swiftly followed by war propaganda, new violence, the kind that’s cheered on with roars and zero accountability. As Operation Northwoods phrased it, that “helpful wave of national indignation.”

All day I’ve watched highly ignorant, proudly apolitical people doing their utmost to avoid a real adult conversation and instead resorting to emotionalism and the usual bumper-sticker platitudes. It’s quite sickening.

America’s Criminal Invasion of Iraq

“From the poll margin of error of +/-2.5% ORB calculated a range of 733,158 to 1,446,063 deaths.”

Syria’s Dead

250,000 (UN)

Afghanistan’s Dead


America Supported the Jihadist Revolution in Libya

10-15,000 dead (UN)

Israeli Aggression in Palestine

9,000 since 2000

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