Today’s Global Insanity Post

Posted: November 17, 2015 in -
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What every scumbag Machiavellian politician understands–and yet the public remains clueless about–is that every state government gets a massive boost in power when it is attacked. There is a strong motive to not stop all acts of “terror.” In fact, the existence of terrorists is a valuable asset for the military-industrial-complex. It is the justification for trillions of dollars in spending and legal power grabs, including unconstitutional ones.

If terrorists didn’t exist, governments would need to invent them. This is the “Strategy of Tension” as expressed in Operation Gladio for decades in Europe.

You cannot understand the world at all without understanding the Strategy of Tension. It is completely censored from US corporate media. Completely. US “journalists” live in an insular bubble where these matters cannot be honestly discussed–ever.


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