Oswald, the Super Evil Genius Magician

Posted: November 22, 2015 in -


So, 52 years ago Lee Oswald went to work at the school book depository, noticed that the President of the United States would be driving by the building and fired nearly impossible shots at his head for some reason. Although shots were also coming from the front, but that’s just crazy talk. Bullets can’t come from another direction than the government claims. You are insane.

Then Oswald had himself murdered by a Mafioso two days later. Surrounded by thirty cops.

Then Oswald covered up everything for fifty-two years. Lied to Congress repeatedly. Keeps thousands of CIA records sealed.


Agent Oswald is some kind of Avenger. We could probably use more people with his skill set.


JFK Cover-Up: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire


Salon has published a crucial excerpt from The Devil’s Chessboard:

Inside the plot to kill JFK: The secret story of the CIA and what really happened in Dallas

The big question has always been if Lyndon Johnson was in on the plot. He was riding two cars behind Kennedy in the motorcade and, therefore, this was always presented as evidence that he was unaware. His life was at risk too, so the story goes.

Sometimes people gamble.

Johnson was instrumental in covering up the killing, appointing the sham Warren Commission, and escalating the Vietnam War.



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