Clock Boy Wants $15mn

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From the: ‘I should be kidding but this is fucking for real’ file…


‘Clock boy’ Ahmed Mohamed’s family
seeks $15 million

I’d like to thank the police officer who erred on the side of public safety and DID HIS JOB so there were no classrooms full of dead kids at the end of the day.

Does this look like a “clock” to anyone else in the western world?


I think the kid was fucking with people that day and deserved to be removed from the school and questioned. Nobody hurt him. Nobody beat him up. Nobody violated his rights. He created a suspicious incident.

A lot of kneejerk PC police scream “racism,” but that’s not what happened here. The kid did something glaringly weird. Police and school personnel were rightly concerned.

I think the kid is still fucking with us. Fifteen million dollars: go fuck yourself.

  1. Marcus Edwards says:

    Can’t see how you can claim with any certainty that racism is “not what happened here”. No one can see inside the mind or heart of the cop that stopped Mohamed, and we can only speculate as to whether or not he would have taken the same action with a white kid. He could have acted properly and still be racist. But I agree completely that this kid should get no money.

  2. Editor says:

    The English teacher “stopped Mohamed” and alerted people that this kid had a suspicious device. Was he “racist” too, because shrieking idiots on Facebook say so? They should be commended for being vigilant and not taking the word of potential attacker what the device actually was.

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