Citizen Four – My Review

Posted: November 28, 2015 in -, Joe Giambrone
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J. Giambrone


C4 won the Academy Award for best documentary, which was a welcome bit of relief and helps to get the word out to many millions more people. It is, however, just art in the face of a rising totalitarian regime, one that remains in power and operating pretty much as before.

I liked that Snowden clearly lays out the case that this is a Constitutional violation, the end of liberty, and it is accelerating rapidly. None are safe, not Congress people, not Supreme Court judges, not human rights lawyers, not business leaders, and most certainly not any regular citizens reading this review. The public has failed to comprehend the massive scale and the visceral danger to themselves and to the society as a whole. STASI Germany was not a fun place. America today has far more sophisticated surveillance of its people than the East Germans could ever imagine.

NSA Director

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