Bio Terror Conspiracy Against Chipotle?

Posted: December 12, 2015 in -
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Somebody’s gotta say it.

Chipotle bans GMOs from its restaurants.

Half a year later it is driven out of business by e coli and virus outbreaks in many locations, many states.

Washington, Oregon, then California. Then Minnesota. Then Boston

Fuck you.

If that’s not suspicious…

Qui Bono? Who benefits?

Somebody is waging biological warfare on the customers of Chipotle to punish them for their rejection of GMOs. That is a “conspiracy theory.”


Bacteria and virus outbreaks at Chipotle restaurants


  1. Schlüter says:

    If one wants to know the position of the Neocon dominated US Power Elite on “Bio Warfare” as a “useful tool” even on a much larger scale, one has to look into “Rebuilding America´s Defenses” from September 2000, page 60. On this:
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

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