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Posted: December 12, 2015 in -, Joe Giambrone
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J. Giambrone


I’ll divulge a filthy, disgusting little secret about myself.


I can’t stand reading screenplays. Other people’s, I mean. I’ve chiseled 26 of my own, feature-length, fully fleshed out, living breathing creations, which sit on harddrives. But when I open another script, from somewhere else, I feel this radioactive environment envelop me. I hardly ever finish one. Most perturb me by the end of the first page or sooner.

So, I’ve been winging it for a long time. I don’t study screenplays anymore. That’s tantamount to waterboarding as far as I’m concerned–excuse me: “drowning torture.”

The other day I posted a link for you guys to read all the new 2015 scripts. No one seems to have cared. Today, I went and had a stab at finding one that I could stomach all the way through. I much prefer the movie versions.

Top-rated films occupy that list, and even Trainwreck

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