Agrabah & a Century of Propaganda

Posted: December 20, 2015 in -
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I should have mentioned yesterday that OF COURSE semi-conscious Americans want to bomb Agrabah. This guy lives there:

My intro to movie propaganda includes links to Jack Shaheen’s works on anti-Arab demonization.  If you haven’t read the entire piece, it’s pretty long. The documentary Reel Bad Arabs was up online last I checked too.

We live in an unaccountable BELLIGERENT empire that bombs, invades and more importantly: uses covert manipulation including arms, training and funding, to destabilize other nations at will. Of course this meddling in other people’s lives and livelihoods breeds resentment. That’s the obvious and inevitable result of forcing your will on other peoples around the world. Some of them won’t like it and will strike back–opening up more opportunities for the next war in an endless cycle of premeditated, deliberate mass violence.




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