Report: Al Qaeda in Syria #1 Threat

Posted: January 28, 2016 in -
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Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda is greater threat than ISIS, report claims

The corporate propaganda has substituted “ISIS” or “ISIL” for the problem. The logic goes that the war is “on ISIS,” and not much is ever heard these days about Jabhat Al Nusrah, or “Al Qaeda in Syria.” These are potential international terrorists, and this new think tank piece says it’s the Big One…


“Its defeat and destruction must be one of the highest priorities of any strategy to defend the United States and Europe from Al-Qaeda attacks,” it states, adding that the group has “weakened the moderate opposition and penetrated other Sunni opposition groups in Syria” and is therefore“poised to benefit” from the destruction of IS and the fall or transition of the Assad government.

The report states that Jabhat al-Nusra doesn’t suffer from the same“vulnerabilities” as IS because it attempts to befriend people instead of forcing them under its rule. The document says the group supplies partners with “advanced military capabilities” in an effort to encourage attacks on Western countries.

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