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Criminal intent?


Chicago Police Have Been Sabotaging Their Dash Cams


Finicum is in the center.

The right-wing press has repeatedly put out the claim that he “had his hands up.” Finicum did stumble around with his hands up, but then the above frame…

Is he reaching into his jacket?

The man to the left side shoots him first.

The video shows a few things more clearly:

  1. He refused to stop for the federal vehicles behind him, with their flashers pulling him over.
  2. He ran for it and drove recklessly.
  3. He attempted to run a roadblock, narrowly missed killing a cop who stepped right in front of his speeding truck.
  4. After he emerged he stumbled around in the snow with his arms out, and then he turned around with his arms down.







Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game


New Cancer Cure?

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‘Cancer cells simply melt away’: Miracle drug amazes Australian researchers after lengthy trials


“This is a completely new class of drugs and there is no other drug or medicine previously available that has had the ability to inhibit this BCL-2 protein,”




Jill 2016
Dear Joe —
If the drinking water in Flint, Michigan was poisoned by ISIS, rather than corporate-sponsored politicians, how do you think President Obama and the Republican-Democratic duopoly would respond?

Lead levels in Flint’s drinking water are so high that the EPA considers it “hazardous waste”. No human being should be condemned to drink water contaminated by a neurotoxin.

It’s an outrage that public officials knowingly allowed this to happen. To prevent this kind of criminal neglect from ever occurring again, we must demand accountability.

Stand with me to call for the prosecution of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and other public officials who knew about the water poisoning in Flint but failed to act.

We need immediate federal and state intervention to resolve Flint’s water crisis, as well as a massive federal investment in our nation’s crumbling water system, which I’m calling for in my Power to the People Plan.

After Flint’s water supply was switched two years ago to save money, the problems were immediate and included high levels of E. Coli and trihalomethane, a carcinogen – even before the detection of lead. The governor and other state officials failed to take action, despite knowing about the lead contamination.

The Flint water crisis shows what happens when governors such as Rick Snyder end local democracy in order to serve corporate interests.

In fact, this crisis is the logical outcome of decades of betrayal by the bipartisan political establishment serving the economic elite: deindustrialization and disinvestment, abandonment of democracy and neglect of the lives and well-being of poor people and communities of color.

Bottled water will not solve Flint or America’s infrastructure crisis. Instead, a Green New Deal – complete with adequate public infrastructure spending, living wage jobs, a just economy, and the end of poverty – is what Americans want, need, and deserve.

Stand with me to demand accountability for Flint’s water crisis – and to call for massive federal investment in safe drinking water infrastructure nationwide.

It’s in our hands!




The evidence is mounting. I found another bit myself that was very similar to Schumer’s bit–one that appeared in her stand-up act and in the film. I don’t think anyone else has noticed it yet… but they have noticed quite a bit.

Tammy Pescatelli‘s statement: succeed with your own material is a classy response, and I like her.





The Shame of Noam Chomsky & left gatekeepers


“Bizarre non-sequiturs.”