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Oliver v. Trump

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World Gets a Life

(Hollywood, CA) – Humanity declined to tune into the 2016 Academy Awards show, deciding instead to “do its own thing” for a change of pace. Human beings from across the planet collectively flipped a quick middle finger in Hollywood’s direction and found that there was much else to do with the time block. Many realized that time is finite, and that giving it over to corporate manufactured products is not a satisfying use of one’s limited lifespan.

Oscar (TM) promoters, in a last ditch effort to attract gullible viewers, Tweeted the possibility of nipple slips and wardrobe malfunctions. These gags had long ago lost their allure, and people had generally wisened up to the cheap, manipulative practices of the soulless glamour merchants.

With this total collapse of the Oscar (TM) system and the fake, manipulative industry behind it, largely staffed by coke-addled fraternity brothers and whore-mannequin marketing bimbos, California braces for possible earthquakes tonight.

Recent seismic activity hints at the drowning of southern California into the Pacific Ocean, and many are stocking up with extra candy and popcorn in case of just such an eventuality.




Proud right winger Hillary Clinton is apparently still getting votes from people who oppose her agenda. Go figure. America.



Fighters of al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant parade at Syrian town of Tel Abyad





No such pangs of morality or ethics from Sheik Obama.

Europe Stands Up to Saudi Arabia



I disagree pretty much with all of them.


20 greatest movies according to Quentin Tarantino


The iMom (short)

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This is like an episode of Black Mirror.


Lazarus – By David Bowie

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J. Giambrone

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A song so haunting, so chilling, that I was unable to continue the first and second times I heard it.

David begins with an ardent drum beat, an unbalanced two-stanza driving thunder where the kick drum returns in the second stanza with four impacts. It lures you in and then lays down the hammer, over and over until it recedes ito the ether of the song.

Accompanying this drum caravan is a soft, crystal-clean rhythm guitar. Its unyielding notes keep the song lunging forward without the possibility of turning back. We know we’re moving ahead into something, and it’s almost familiar. It takes a few moments to recognize the exact song in question…

Then he hits us with a New Orleans dirge, a horn section that descends into sadness. But unlike an actual funeral parade these horns have a tinge of brightness to them, even a playfulness. They call up a funeral, but…

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20 countries involved in IS bomb supply chain,
Turkey ‘key choke point’








This is perfect. Over a century and counting…