Spectre – My Review

Posted: February 11, 2016 in -

J. Giambrone


The Bond franchise churns on with plot gimmicks, gadgets, a vague imperialism, British nationalism, and yet another manufactured creepo bad guy whom no one will miss once dispensed with.

I first caught Bond’s circus at 3 or 4. Parents were fans, as my mother is British and any kind of UK culture was welcomed in. So Thunderball or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service may have been the very first serious films I saw. Serious here means aimed at adults. Thunderball dealt with stolen nuclear warheads before it was cool. That’s a pretty serious matter.

I can think of two nuclear warheads that the US “lost” just off the top of my head. One was in Greenland (1968), the other off the coast of Georgia (1958). One may long for James Bond’s competence and foresight, to clean up some of these ridiculous messes.

Lately I’ve grown tired…

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