Donald Trump just promised to expose the 9/11 attacks (2.19.2016)

NOW — he may be getting it “right.”




Regarding Counterpunch: Bush, 9/11, and Iraq: Trump Gets It Right


Layers upon layers of spin, one wonders why these people write if they have no actual commitment to writing true statements. If you’re going to address a serious topic like the September 11th attacks, yet you know next to nothing about it, the prudent move is to just shut the fuck up.

Counterpunch likes this limited hangout and even publishes radical libertarian/anarchists to make it:

“All we need to know is that Bush and his top people, starting with Vice President Dick Cheney, were too busy in their first eight months in office to bother about al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.”


That is not “all we need to know” at all.

In fact, it’s not what we actually know, those of us who look into the matter. It is an absurd excuse from an administration as guilty as sin, one that should have been prosecuted for large lists of crimes, but specifically for the high treason of September 11th.

Trump makes facile accusations lacking the hard facts, as expected. These are the permissible types of accusations in a land awash with spin and false history.

That he is applauded for it is pathetic.

We know the Saudi royals who aided and abetted the 9/11 hijackers. They had an open door to Bush’s oval office. One of them was nicknamed “Bandar Bush,” a top facilitator of Sunni terrorist networks in the world. He bragged of controlling Chechnya’s terrorists when he threatened the Russian Olympic games.  He also supplies nerve gas to Syrian terrorists.

We know Richard Clarke, the top counterterrorism official, was secretly cut out of the CIA’s intelligence reports on Al Qaeda members living inside the US, as was FBI. We know they were here for sixteen months, and no one bothered to arrest them. Clarke accused 50 CIA officers and specifically George Tenet of hiding the hijacker cell from him over that entire period. But that always gets ignored in these highly limited hangouts that pretend to offer some expert knowledge, and yet invariably never do.

We know that 28 pages on Saudi–and other governments–financing and assisting the purported September 11th hijackers were treasonously censored by the Bush junta, an ongoing treason continued under Barack Obama. That makes the 9/11 cover-up bigger than the office of the president.

We know more than a couple members of Bush’s illegitimate junta were members of the Project for a New American Century, whose “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document calls for a “new Pearl Harbor” to usher in their — actual agenda, the one they actually ushered in. People include Dick Cheney, Bush’s brother Jeb, and “Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Assistant Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretaries of State Richard Armitage and Robert Zoellick, Undersecretaries of State John Bolton and Paula Dobriansky, presidential adviser for the Middle East Elliott Abrams, Defense Policy Board chairman Richard Perle, and George W. Bush’s special Iraq envoy Zalmay Khalilzad.”

We know that when tourists like Sheldon point at the “Bin Laden Determined to Strike” memo, that he ignores tons of other warnings prior to the attacks, such as this shocker: “By May 1, [2001] the Central Intelligence Agency told the White House of a report that ‘a group presently in the United States’ was planning a terrorist operation.” By July Bush’s hotel in Genoa Italy would be deemed too risky because of the threat of a suicide skyjacking, and he was personally moved to a ship. This sort of damning evidence could pile up here for several days, but why bother?

These are the facts that Trump, Counterpunch, and Sheldon Richman care nothing about. Most Americans lack the intelligence and self-respect to demand justice for 9/11. Witness the efforts of Senator Graham, and how they are completely ignored.

Cheap spin does not inform anyone, merely reinforces the willful ignorance out there, Sheldon. Ever since Noam Chomsky helped establish this culture of willful ignorance, the “who cares?” approach to high treason, we have endured this endless barrage of half-truths and sloppy propaganda lauded for its supposed depth.

Color me unimpressed.

  1. jojo archers says:

    I just read Sheldon’s hit on Donald Trump-viewed at AntiWar site.
    My comment posted there reads:

    “Definition: (obnoxious) Demagoguery is a manipulative approach — often associated with dictators and sleazy politicians — that appeals to the worst nature of people.
    Speak for your self Sheldon Richman
    “Donald Trump, for all his obnoxious demagoguery–………. Trump. Unfortunately, he shows no sign of having done his homework; so his charges against Bush are little more than soundbites, allowing Bush defenders to dismiss Trump as a kook. But this time he is not a kook.”
    I hate stooge reporters who suck and blow at the same time.
    Get off the pot–you hate Donald Trump”
    I like to remind the folks here–that the(Fall patsy guys) Saudis had nothing to do with Sept 11 2001 bombings. Would be nice if the author mention 8 of the supposed hi jackers are alive

  2. Editor says:

    “I like to remind the folks here–that the(Fall patsy guys) Saudis had nothing to do with Sept 11 2001 bombings.”

    Nonsense. They provided the hijackers, helped them come to the country and paid them. They are deeply involved.

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