Lazarus – By David Bowie

Posted: February 27, 2016 in -

J. Giambrone

bowie-1280x720 (2)

A song so haunting, so chilling, that I was unable to continue the first and second times I heard it.

David begins with an ardent drum beat, an unbalanced two-stanza driving thunder where the kick drum returns in the second stanza with four impacts. It lures you in and then lays down the hammer, over and over until it recedes ito the ether of the song.

Accompanying this drum caravan is a soft, crystal-clean rhythm guitar. Its unyielding notes keep the song lunging forward without the possibility of turning back. We know we’re moving ahead into something, and it’s almost familiar. It takes a few moments to recognize the exact song in question…

Then he hits us with a New Orleans dirge, a horn section that descends into sadness. But unlike an actual funeral parade these horns have a tinge of brightness to them, even a playfulness. They call up a funeral, but…

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