Snowden: FBI “Bullshit” / Apple IPhone

Posted: March 9, 2016 in -
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Snowden: FBI’s claim it can’t unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is ‘bullshit’



The FBI says that only Apple can deactivate certain passcode protections on the iPhone, which will allow law enforcement to guess the passcode by using brute-force.

Talking via video link from Moscow to the Common Cause Blueprint for a Great Democracy conference,Snowden said: “The FBI says Apple has the ‘exclusive technical means’ to unlock the phone. Respectfully, that’s bullshit.”

Snowden then went on to tweet his support for anAmerican Civil Liberties Union report saying that the FBI’s claims in the case are fraudulent.

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden)March 8, 2016

The global technological consensus is against the FBI. Why? Here’s one example: #FBIvsApple

Meanwhile, Microsoft


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