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Definitely influenced many works to come after… including my own novel:




My David Cronenberg installment: Radically Different Films, Part 3.


A devastating smack-down over at The Guardian

First World Problems: The Movie

But anyone who watched it with the sound turned down might assume that it was an unusually arty episode of Entourage. Are we supposed to take this existential fretting seriously?

There’s certainly a lot of it about. Navel-gazing dramas keep asking us to take pity on wealthy, attractive people who are starting to feel that being wealthy and attractive isn’t quite as fulfilling as they had expected.



What’s really going on in Syria, Libya, and the wider Middle East bears no resemblance to the sludge Americans are force-fed by a clownish media. I’ve tried to set the record straight, since 2012, but the truth is no longer welcome in this dystopia. America has truly lost its mind, assuming it had one to begin with.

Our psychotic so-called “leaders” love nothing more than to play with fire. Big fire.

Moscow slams Obama decision to send 250 more US troops to Syria

The Syria debacle was always, from day one, from 1957 a proxy war against Russian influence. The US aims to kick out the Russians, their defensive weapons, their naval base, and their oil and gas industries.

That’s why a quarter of a million Syrians are dead.

That’s why ISIS and Al Nusrah exist.

That’s why we stand at the brink of nuclear annihilation: games, imperial games to take whatever can be taken.

Would you send your kid to die for that shit?


D.O.A. Fucked Up Donald

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Wow. They finally woke up.

Every single member of House votes to require warrants to access all emails

The House voted 419-0 on a bill requiring law enforcement to obtain a warrant to look through Americans’ emails, no matter how old they are. The bill would update a 30-year-old law that doesn’t require a warrant for emails older than 180 days.

A blow against the STASI Orwellian nightmare state?

Most of them are criminals, to be fair.

Dennis_Hastert_2.jpgDennis Hastert, Public Enemy Number One


Tell me again about equal justice and equal protection under the law…

Judge sentences ‘serial child molester’ Hastert to 15 months






Australian Politician Sets Methane-Laden River On Fire To Protest Fracking




Trolls for Hillary, real paid scumbags.


The real Clinton…




83 Senators Demand Obama Boost Aid To Israel
Bleeding the host dry.

Just a week ago Israeli officials confirmed that President Obama had offered a $40 billion proposal to cover the next 10 years, but that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to accept it, seeking more.

Tell me again why this charade goes on when US children can’t have clean drinking water and many go hungry and homeless?


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TAKE ACTION! Ask your Member of Congress and Senators to remove the Monsanto Promotion Act. Tell them you don’t want your taxes to be spent on corporate welfare or industry propaganda, especially not to promote Monsanto’s GMOs!

Don’t Let Congress Give Your Money to Monsanto!