I am a bit disgusted today. Philip Shenon–formerly of the New York Times–has done an incredible amount of work exposing how utterly fraudulent the “9/11 Commission” actually was. It was a complete sham from start to finish. He shows us easily a hundred facts that establish how disgraceful and untrustworthy its report is. There is much laughter in the audience throughout his talk.

It is, however, not a laughing matter.

Philip Shenon: Inside the 911 Investigation Commission


Shenon then comes to an absurd view regarding government complicity in the attacks. He firmly presses the incompetence theory, which is of course just another theory. He says things like “it was hot” in August, and people were “lazy.”

This is journalistic malfeasance, crafting specious exculpatory excuses when thousands lost their lives and endless war was launched. The idea of powerful people allowing an attack ON PURPOSE is literally unthinkable to Philip Shenon and to his entire class of lapdog professional journalists. He may be less of a lapdog today as a result of so many revelations, but…


We have a 4th estate that is literally unable to think objectively about evidence they themselves uncover. We know how Manufacturing Consent explained this type of behavior. Only people who think this way get promoted and become insider journalists in the first place. The blinders are a prerequisite in order to get invited to the party. Journalists must display their deference and gullibility. They must accept ridiculous excuses from those in power, or else they don’t get to interview them any further. The system weeds out troublemakers, by default.


Bologna Central Station Bomb Attack 1980 (1)


But these people ignore the vital history that would bear directly on that question of government complicity.

My next upcoming piece, challenging Noam Chomsky, will explore Operation Gladio in depth. Operation Gladio is the missing link in the thinking of American pundits across the board. The Strategy of Tension explains the motive behind false flag terrorism generally. Without comprehending motive these people come to erroneous and biased assessments, and they seem to simply assume there would be no motive for betraying one’s country, for killing off a few nobodies.

People like Phil Shenon don’t acknowledge how much was gained by the American Empire as a result of simply looking the other way and having a few planes crash… but perhaps quite a bit more (explosive demolition).

military spending.jpg


Shenon is intelligent and knowledgeable but far too willing to accept the unacceptable. He is like most of the paid reporters who have spun 9/11 since it occurred. They make the assumption of incompetence, and never investigate how deliberate intent factored in. It is not incompetence if the boss is doing it on purpose. It’s not a mistake when the “new Pearl Harbor” is a success, “the Trifecta” as Bush would write in his diary.

People like Shenon have told us that the 9/11 attacks were a failure when the people in charge scored the greatest success of their lives. Their interests are not our interests. Their calculus is not our calculus. They simply do not think about these issues the same way as do regular citizens or news reporters for that matter.

We need journalists who actually consider evidence objectively and don’t simply presume their targets innocent. That is bias. You are either objective or biased. We need an honest exploration of the countless lies, warnings, and ongoing cover-ups, not the official spin repackaged with a bit of sarcasm and hand wringing.

These people are war criminals. The Iraq War was illegal belligerence, a Crime Against the Peace, what they executed Nazis for, and it caused probably more than one million casualties. These same war criminals condoned a torture conspiracy that is covered up to this day, much like the evidence of how the 9/11 attacks actually occurred. The torture is intertwined with the 9/11 cover-up.

So how many crimes, Mr. Shenon, do these people need to commit before you allow yourself to consider that you are dealing with criminals?


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