Humans – Season One

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J. Giambrone


The Singularity has moved over to Britain and stretches out over an entire show.

Like an extended family drama version of Ex Machina, Humans continues the descent toward a robotic future dystopia. Some interesting ideas for sci-fi geeks, what I liked about the opening was the realism of the conflict. Disruption and job loss are to be expected. When that reality hits the masses hard, and their children no longer have futures what then?


The characters intertwine as the season progresses. The show then abandons accuracy and realism for the screenwriter version of programming high-tech quick fixes and super mind melds. That could have been a bit more thought through. We have characters representing various points of view. The robots bring distinct personalities and very different origins to mold their perceptions.

HUMANS-Hero-1600x720 (1)

So, as expected on TV, Humans has its ones and its zeros. Trailer…

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