The US National Academy of Sciences has conflicts of interest, funding from GMO Frnakenfood companies, and produces the expected reports…

Under the Influence: The National Research Council and GMOs

Among other conflicts, Food & Water Watch found that the NRC (and its parent organization, the National Academy of Sciences):

  • takes millions of dollars in funding from biotechnology companies
  • invites sponsors like Monsanto to sit on high-level boards overseeing the NRC’s work
  • invites industry-aligned, pro-GMO scientists to author NRC reports
  • draws scientific conclusions based on industry science
  • operates at times as a private contractor for corporate research.


Lost in the blur of propaganda are these inescapable facts:

1. Each GMO strain is a unique, novel organism that requires long-term, extensive and expensive testing before being unleashed on the unsuspecting population.

2. No such testing is done. You and your children are the guinea pigs.

3. Any type of manipulation imaginable can be done to food crops, which appear on the surface like their natural counterparts, including adding TOXINS to the genetic make-up. This has already been done, extensively.

4. Corruption is rampant, across media, scientific bodies, and particularly at regulatory agencies like the FDA and EPA.

And them’s the facts, Jack. Feel better?


Did you give consent?

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