Jurassic World – My Review

Posted: June 4, 2016 in -

J. Giambrone

hicks-pulse copy.jpgSaint Bill Hicks

I’m a bit long in the tooth to name this review “Jurassic Hurl.” Maybe Terry Gilliam has some crucial insights that you need to hear?

That’s better than any review. No?

More Terry:

“‘I think [Hollywood] has achieved everything they’ve always dreamed of. The audience now seems to be very dumb, I mean they’re watching the same film again and again,’ he said. ‘They pay money to watch the same film. Now, you could argue, that’s because it makes them feel comfortable. When they go to a movie now, it’s almost like hearing a pop song. You know the rhythms, you know when the downbeat is going to come, you know when the explosion is going to come… And so as life becomes more complex, as the economy is in trouble, people cling to what makes them comfortable, so they go again and again to see the…

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