Obama’s Navy: Naked Imperialism on Display

Posted: June 8, 2016 in -
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You must have seen the new US Navy conquers the world commercials. The “crypto” part of crypto-fascism has withered away, and it’s all out in the open now. The TV spot is populated by belligerent, stern-faced sailors in various uniforms.


The ending is quite open and disturbing in its message. They want joiners to help them conquer EVERYWHERE. So many little dots, as if they owned it all already. The USA is that little piece of real estate in the top right corner, by the way.


They have created a pantomime about defending the dumb white family in the center. Unlimited dollars to propagandize the rubes about what a global empire is and does. So, even when it’s shown in little white dots and red balls, for some reason the implications cannot be computed.

Chalk that up to a joke of an education system, perhaps.

We used to have useful terms like “gunboat diplomacy” to comprehend what Washington was really up to. Today we have “War is Peace,” and a lot of “Ignorance is Strength.”



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