Scientology propaganda machine: Tom Cruise launches TV network to reach ‘every person on Earth’


Fuck. There’s way too much crazy in America today to keep track of. Just talked with psychotic gun nuts who told me that stopping terrorists from arming themselves to the teeth is “stupid.” The psycho right wing fringe, sitting on all the guns and ammo they can afford, whine to the rafters about any sort of gun control whatsoever and drag us all along toward open blood-drenched national psychosis.

But now we’ve got Tom Vision too. Gay Muslim terrorists. Trump v. Hillary. Millions of uncounted votes that disappear from history. Ecocide. Covert support to Al Qaeda. Empire games that threaten nuclear escalation. We’ve got it all. Enjoy the final minutes of “freedom” baby, before the whole shithouse ignites in a supernova of death and destruction.

hqdefault (4)




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