Hebdo: More Alleged “Intelligence Failures”

Posted: July 6, 2016 in -
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French Inquiry Urges Changes to Intelligence Services

It’s a broken-record chorus nowadays.

“Mr. Fenech said that failure was “indisputably” a result of dysfunction in cooperation: Mr. Abdeslam was known to the Belgian authorities as a radicalized militant, but was not flagged as such in a database shared with the French police.

After 40 years of documented state-sanctioned TERRORISM across Europe, better known as Operation Gladio, these repeated patterns should prompt investigations of the intelligence services themselves. Stopping attacks has minor benefit to the ruling class compared with NOT stopping attacks.

Let’s not forget this little tidbit…

French police chief committed suicide after Charlie Hebdo attack

A high-ranking judicial police chief in Limoges committed suicide last Wednesday hours after being asked to file a report on the Charlie Hebdo killings, it has emerged.


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