Michael Moore: Where to Invade Next? – My_Review

Posted: July 18, 2016 in -, Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


Moore is back. Absolutely brilliant exploration of everything Europe is doing right, and America is doing wrong. Mike, America’s premiere video provocateur, has discovered that elusive missing ingredient that defines America today: the lack of common sense.

Workers have power, elsewhere that is. They lead happier more secure lives, are unstressed about money, and are instead concerned with community, educating their children, and maintaining a just society.

Not so much here. Although guns are on sale, I hear.


Everyone should see this film and truly think about these big issues that Moore broaches. From labor to food, drugs to prisons, to true democracy versus our embarrassing sham, he has done a great service once again.

Where to Invade Next is a serious exploration of Democratic Socialism, why and where it works, and why we are now left facing the likes of Trump v. Hillary Clinton.

Right-wing fundamentalism has hobbled America…

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