Even NY Times Acknowledges the ISIS Double Game

Posted: July 19, 2016 in -, Joe Giambrone
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The newspaper also reported that the Pentagon had refrained in 2015 from attacking ISIS militants in and around the Syrian town of Palmyra in order to further the US foreign policy goal of regime change in Damascus.

United States’ tactical alliances with Al Qaeda and its associates in Syria

Here is the original NYT piece:

“In Syria, a new awkwardness arises. Any airstrikes against Islamic State militants in and around Palmyra would probably benefit the forces of President Bashar al-Assad. So far, United States-led airstrikes in Syria have largely focused on areas far outside government control, to avoid the perception of aiding a leader whose ouster President Obama has called for.

Arrest the President. Clearly a proxy war, just as I described it in detail. This is more corroboration of my piece:

Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game


Syria’s “Moderate Rebels” are not Moderate, not Rebels



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