The Lobster – My Review

Posted: August 14, 2016 in -

J. Giambrone


What to say? The first half was delightful, absurdist black comedy, a Monty Python sketch stretched out across a world. But then…

I’m one of the most forgiving Americans you’ll find, enduring artsy/indie insanity like some Berlin sewer dweller. Ninety-five percent of Murricans aren’t going to appreciate or get The Lobster, and I almost do.


But I think we have a disconnect from beginning to ending. I think a wire was cut, and the flow severed somewhere along the path. This is coming from someone who will argue for the consistency and unity of Tetsuo the Iron Man or Mulholland Drive. I’ll analyze eXistenZ right now, but I cannot overlook the logical short-circuit dragging down The Lobster.

No spoilers, but I’d say they stretched it past the breaking point and lost the intent. It also went cold, like a dead fish, when it should have heated up. Another…

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