Writing for the Screen (1) #2G1S

Posted: October 27, 2016 in -, Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


Hi boys and girls. I’ll post the actual shooting scripts from the show, after the episodes are posted. This is what I had to work with when we drove out into town and started shooting guerrilla style.

Episode 1 is streaming now, and you can compare it to the script if you like. Some shots are required, as they convey information to the viewer visually. Those largely didn’t change. The dialogue, however, was up to the actors. Johann started grabbing lines from the episode 3 version, a completely different reality, a completely different character than what we had worked out. In editing I had to pick and choose what to work with, and you’ll see they had a great interaction on the bridge that wasn’t in the script and was ad-libbed.

As director, I just let them work it out and looked for that spark of chemistry. As…

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