Hedges Endorses Stein?

Posted: November 5, 2016 in Joe Giambrone
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Just today???

I wonder if my harassment had an effect?



  1. Steven Hobbs says:

    Thanks for

  2. Steven Hobbs says:

    Jill Stein, “Hello Facebook friends, activists, citizens of the planet. It’s a real honor to be here today. And, be with Chris Hedges, one of the foremost intellectual and moral voices today.” — Yep. Yep. Sort of…

    I’m not a friend of FaceBook.

    Chris, when you gonna embrace black block? Chris, analytical downside incisions about what’s wrong are delightfully artistically articulate, flowing, if not iconic. And, a little wordy. Glad to see you came out for “positive” Jill. Seems you believe voting is the way forward? What happened? Do you now believe the master’s house can be dismantled with the master’s tools?

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