Writing for Screen Ep. 3 #webseries

Posted: November 25, 2016 in -

J. Giambrone



As always: do watch the show first, before bothering with the script.

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—> If you can’t get HD quality (Prime), there may be issues with low bandwidth. To fix: RATE the playback as “Awful” and refresh the page. It should increase your image quality. I have complained to AMAZON that they are literally making us look bad. No remedy yet.

Episode 3 of #2G1S is completely dependent upon the context established in episode 1. We’re doing it again, from James’ POV this time, contrasting against Angie’s drunken interpretation. The point is to arrive at the killing, and throw the audience’s expectations completely off-kilter.

The locations are similar, but different in several ways. While I left the filming style shoulder mounted again, following the main character–James this time–the color temperature was shifted radically. The opening song is different. The…

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