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Scorcese: Cinema is Dead

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J. Giambrone


‘Cinema is gone’: According to Martin Scorsese, ‘younger people’ just don’t understand

Scorsese points to the proliferation of images and the over-reliance on superficial techniques as trends that have diminished the power of cinema to younger audiences.

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Your cell phone is your enemy.



Not a fan of Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, as he often sounds as ignorant to me as these Trumpsters do to you. Their partisanship blinds them and they parrot talking points, with added flair and video, but they’re still Democratic Party stooges, whether they know it or not.

But the video is worth a gawk, in a purely passing-the-trainwreck kind of way.



Syria: The Double Game

J. Giambrone


This film should have replaced the godawful prequels (1-3), and our universe would be far better off.

Must say I loved this new direction, and I have hope for the Star Wars franchise. That said, I’m not sure how many will notice the parallels between Vader’s empire and our own.  Rather than adding to the cacophony, I’ll stick to the major points.

Chirrut3.jpgStar Wars was basically California rogues vs. the British empire in space, with a few new tricks. The environment is so vast that people can read their own interpretations into it, but clearly we had scrappy revolutionaries fighting the technically supreme fascist state which sought to encroach on every parsec of the known universe.


In 2016 they’re not so California anymore.

What’s more, they delivered on the theme, sacrificing for the greater good in a world of high tech and mysticism, where not everyone can see the…

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Evil Empires Far Away

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May have more to say later.

The Empire Is Us: The Politics of ‘Rogue One’